What Shape is your Face?

February 27, 2019

What Shape is your Face?

I’m sure you may have realized that no two faces are alike. That is because there are several different face shapes that one can have. Knowing this information will make it easier for you when selecting the best hairstyles to flatter your shape. This article discusses the seven main types of face shapes.

Shape I: OVAL 

 An oval face shape is highly favored and perhaps the most desired. This the most balanced shape with regards to its proportions of length and width. The oval face has a chin that is just a bit more narrow than the forehead.
Famous Person example: Halle Berry


The oblong shape is an elongated version of the oval face. This look is a lot longer and more narrow than the aforementioned. Most people who have oblong faces, generally tend to have vertically straight lines that form at the creases of the cheeks. Other distinct features include a defined jaw, narrow mouth, an elongated forehead, and most times a long nose.
Famous Person example: Sandra Oh

Shape III: CIRCLE     

A circle face is round and looks proportionate in its length and width. It is the most congruent in shape and measurement, with the chin aligning perfectly with the forehead and cheekbones. The chin of this face tends to be rounded in shape and does not appear to have any sharp lines and/or angles.
 Famous Person example: Cameron Diaz


The square face is similar to the circle shape in its proportions. That is because it looks proportionate in length and width. As with geometry, the only feature that distinguishes the square face from the circle shape, is the fact that it is more angular in appearance.  
Famous Person example: Sandra Bullock




Similar to the oblong/oval situation, the rectangle shape is a slightly elongated version of the square shape. When compared to the square, this shape appears to be longer and leaner. Specific traits of this shape include a defined and chiseled jawline with a broad forehead. 
Famous Person example: Gwyneth Paltrow



You probably have a heart-shaped face because this is one of the most common shapes. The heart is defined with a broad forehead, with it being the widest part of the face. This shape also appears to have wide cheekbones that are accompanied by a seemingly narrow chin.  
Famous Person example: Reese Witherspoon





At first sight, the diamond shape may look a bit similar to the heart shape. However, they are different in size, as the forehead of a diamond face is a lot more narrow than the heart shaped forehead. The distinct characteristics of this face’s shape include full high-cheekbones, and a super narrow chin in contrast to the center of the face.
                       Famous Person example: Rihanna



I hope this article helps you the next time you change your look. And if you decide to style your hair with clip-ins, be sure to check out my article: 3 up-do Hairstyles with Clip-ins.