What Can We Do To Avoid Tape-in Extensions Mistakes?

March 14, 2019

What Can We Do To Avoid Tape-in Extensions Mistakes?

Tape-in extensions are currently one of the leading hair beauty products for women out there in the markets. Now thanks to tape-in hair extensions, women with thin and short hair or those who’ve had bad haircuts can simply fix their hair issues. Tape-in hair extensions can make you look fabulous but only if things are done right. It must be noted that to choose to have tape-in hair extensions, you are making a commitment. You will basically be investing in the hair itself and also on the installation. For this, it makes sense for you to also commit your time and energy at ensuring that you treat your tape-in extension rightly. There are just lots of ways that some people have gone wrong with the way they have cared for their extensions.

There have been unfortunate instances where some ladies who have opted for tape-in extensions made some mistakes. For them, the results were unsightly and that’s why in this article we are going to highlight for you some common tape-in hair extension mistakes and how they can easily be avoided.

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Failing to visit a qualified and certified hair stylist initially

One of the foremost things that you ought to do and especially on the on-set of things is only to let a qualified and certified stylist be the one to install your extension. You may be asking why this is crucial. Well, the installation of hair extensions is an art and usually there is a method of installing them. Any hair stylist who isn’t well trained in the art of hair extensions installation will only do a poor job on your hair! While an untrained hairstylist can ruin your hair extension, they could as well make the whole installation process painful for you. Worse still is that your natural hair could end up getting damaged! Even as you opt for adding flair to your natural hair by way of extension, it makes sense also to keep an eye for the safety and health of your natural hair. This can also be achieved by only allowing a certified and well-trained hair stylist properly educated in the installation of tape-in hair extensions.

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Washing the hair too soon

After the installation of your extensions it is recommended that you wait for at least 48 hours before you can wash your hair. During this time the tape is given enough time to cure thus becoming strong so it is able to get the much needed strong hold on your natural hair. Even after the 48 hours are over, it is still advisable to limit the washing of your hair to just two times per week. Experts following these care procedures above, you allow the extensions to hold much longer and also to retain moisture which is desirable.

As you wash, it is not best to scrub the wefts just avoid doing so! As you wash your hair do it gently by using shampoo and try as much as possible to avoid the tape. You can do this by washing your hair from the middle area down to the rears of your hair. Even as you condition your hair, it is best to avoid the scalp and only condition on the lower side of the wefts.

Chlorine is known to spoil the adhesive used in tape-in hair extensions and this is why after you have exposed your hair to water that contains chlorine, ensure you wash your hair with chlorine free water thereafter. A good rule is to usually carry with you a swim cap to avoid exposing your hair to substances like chlorine when you have to swim.


Not clarifying your hair before installation

It is advisable to first clarify your hair with a clarifying shampoo before tape-in hair extension is installed. This usually helps to remove any excess oils from your hair thus ensuring that the tape and its tabs bond firmly to one another perfectly. It has been established that one of the most common reasons for tape-in extensions to slip is when the hair to which they are installed haven’t been clarified.

Wash Hair

Improper installation technique

There are usually two distinct methods used in the installation of tape-in hair extensions. The kind of installation method that is going to be used on your hair is dependent on the type of hair you have. If you got thin hair that is fine, your hairstylist may use a method that is known as “single sided method”. This method is ideal as it ensures that the extensions used don’t carry more than two wefts. This helps to remove the possibility of the extension putting lots of weight in your thin and fine hair. Of course this goes to reiterate the first point given about why it is necessary to only rely on a qualified hairstylist to do the work for you.

Apply Tape in Extensions

Poor placement

Poor placement of tape-in hair extensions is yet another common mistake that people installing extensions usually make. Good or bad placement of the extension on your hair will actually have a bearing on whether the whole installation is a success or not. Applying the extension too close to the scalp often comes with it a number of negative things. One is that if they are applied to close to the root of the natural hair, there is usually no room for movement between the tape-in extension and your natural hair. The result of this is too much friction between your natural hair and the scalp. What follows is that you may feel uncomfortable scalp irritation that can be so painful. To better place the extension, you will need to place it about a quarter of an inch from the roots of your natural hair.

Apply Tape in Extensions

Either applying too much hair or too little

Sometime your tape-in hair extensions may be falling off easily not because the hair was not clarified with shampoo before installation. It could be because your hairstylist may have applied the too much hair in-between the tape wefts. When too much hair is applied in between the tape wefts, the tape tabs are prevented from attaching to each other. Again another issue is when too little hair is being applied as this usually causes the extensions to slip out.


Not following the hair extension application kit’s laid out application procedure

There are times when an inexperienced hair stylist can choose not to follow the application manual supplied with the hair extension. This too is a common mistake that people make with tape-in hair extensions. Always ask your hair stylist to follow the procedures supplied with the hair extension. Fortunately, professional hair stylists usually have tape in extension kits that are complete with the right application tools. Please note that without these important hair extension application tools the whole process of installation may not even be successful.

Also the tape in hair extension kit is not something that an amateur can easily take and proceed to use. It needs the hands of an expert person highly knowledgeable in the process of applying tape-in hair extensions. For this, it is only fair for you to initially choose a hair stylist who is well qualified for the job!

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Final Line:

If you don’t want your tape in hair extensions to look bad and artificial then you must avoid these mistakes otherwise these can turn into a nightmare. Frankly speaking, nothing can be as easy and hassle free as applying a tape in hair extension if done in a right way. So make sure you don’t make these mistakes and look like a dream.

So friends! Look gorgeous with this tape in hair extensions as you deserve it!