The Best Hairstyles with Hand Tied Extensions

May 29, 2020

The Best Hairstyles with Hand Tied Extensions

Hair extensions have been giving people longer, fuller hair for many years now.  Women around the world love the confidence that hair extensions give them and the endless possibilities of styles, colors, and lengths.  Here at Amazing Beauty Hair we offer you the very best hair extensions that are all made from 100% human Remy hair, meaning that all the hair cuticles are still intact and all of the hair runs in one direction.  Remy hair extensions are the best quality of hair available, so you can feel confident that your ABH extensions will look healthy, smooth, tangle free, and totally natural.

Hand tied hair extensions are the newest type of hair extensions that you have probably noticed popping up all over your Instagram feed.  People are loving the hand tied hair extension method because they are the least damaging type of extensions and also the most natural looking.  Hand tied extensions have the least amount of contact with your real hair which is what makes them so popular.

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Our hand tied hair extensions are delicately hand tied by skilled experts onto hand sewn wefts.  Unlike machine sewn wefts, hand sewn wefts are far lighter, are not bulky at all, and are suitable for all types of hair.  Typically, a stylist will add beads into your hair and then hand sew the wefts onto the beads.  One of the things that people love the most about hand sewn extensions is the fact that can be worn in any style without the attachments being seen!

If you are familiar with other types of extensions such as clip ins and tape ins then you will know that some hairstyles - particularly updos - are simply not an option.  Clips and tapes can easily become visible when styling your hair into more complicated styles.  Clips can cause damage to your natural hair if they are pulled too hard or in the wrong direction.  Our hand tied hair extensions can be moved and styled into any position with no risk of the bonds becoming visible or causing any damage to your natural hair.

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Ok, so let's take a look at some of the hottest hairstyles right now that you can achieve with our ABH hand tied extensions.  The biggest trend that we have seen all over the catwalks for 2020 is BIG hair!  The more volume, the better.  We are so excited about this as we love how flattering this look is on everyone and there are so many gorgeous styling opportunities.

Braids Image

Big Braids

Braids have been such a hot hairstyle for a couple of years now and  that is continuing throughout 2020.  Braids are fun, stylish and a great way to update and elevate your look.  Whether you are doing a beautiful messy fishtail braid for Summer or some sophisticated braids for your evening look you can do it all with our hand tied extensions!  Braiding with other types of extensions can be difficult because of the larger attachments which can make certain styles like braids impossible.  This year it is all about big braids a la Frozen, achieving this look with beautiful hand tied extensions is easy, as you will need the long, full hair to really nail this look.

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The high and bouncy pony

Ponytails are such an easy style that so many people love because of how simple they are to achieve, the way they keep your hair off of your face and how if you do them right, they look super chic!  A beautiful high ponytail can’t be done with most extensions as the bonds or the tapes will show, so make the most of your hand tied extensions and rock this style - because you can!  Creating a pony with textured hair adds some serious volume and adds lots of va-va voom to a classic style.  Firstly, use your curling tongs to add some waves and then fix your hair in a nice high ponytail and wrap your hair around the tie and secure with a pin.  Afterwards, gently pull the roots up a little to add some height around your face too, fluff up your ponytail and you are ready!

The high and bouncy pony

The Hollywood curl

Whilst beachy waves are always going to be beautiful, this year sees the return of big Hollywood curls.  Nothing says glamour like huge, gorgeous curls and with all of that extra volume and length from your ABH extensions this look is 100% achievable,  Waves like this typically hold the best on hair the day after washing.  Use curling tongs to create the waves and then fix your hair in large rollers for about an hour.  Gently release the rollers, use your fingers to tousle the curls and use some hair spray to secure this bombshell style.

Hollywood curl

Half up, half down

This is a big celebrity favorite right now and we can see why.  This is a beautiful day time  look that is also practical thanks to the hair being pulled off your face. As with high ponytails the half up half down isn't usually possible with hair extensions, but thankfully with our hand tied extensions this is easy!  Firstly, add some waves to your hair either with tongs or by drying in a braid.  Secondly, use your fingers to work around the section from the top of your ears upward; this is going to be the ‘up’ section.  Looking in the mirror, pull a few strands down in front of the ear and then tie the rest in a ponytail.  Lastly, you can pull the hair out by the roots for added volume.

Half up, half down Hairstyles

Full and straight

To achieve this look you will need lots of hair!  That is why this is a perfect hairstyle if you have hand tied extensions.  You can pull some back like the ‘half up half down’ or you can leave it all down.  Your hair will look super voluminous and healthy and you will be getting a LOT of compliments!  Smooth your hair done with a little finishing oil to keep it really glossy.


* ABH Final Tip

We are sure that you will want your beautiful new hair extensions to look their best for as long as possible, so just remember to take good care of your hair and your extensions when you are styling it.  Do not apply heating tools for too long or use them too often and try to use high quality sulfate free hair products too.  Enjoy!