Safety Measures for People Who Have Hair Extensions

January 03, 2023

Safety Measures for People Who Have Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer instant length and amazing volume. They can immediately make us feel more confident and attractive. However, if they aren’t cared for properly, the strands can become matted and damaged.

Healthy hair and scalp are possible even with hair extensions. With the right safety measures, you can also make your hair extensions last for as long as possible.


Here are 11 safety measures for people who have hair extensions:

1. Get Your Natural Hair in Good Shape

Keeping your hair healthy and in good shape is important before and while you have hair extensions. Care must be taken that the hair and scalp are always clean and there is no product buildup.

A hair care routine with moisturizing oils must be part of your regimen. Using a conditioner will also help keep your hair moisturized and strong.

2. Choose Extensions That Are Lighter Than Your Hair

Heavy extensions will pull your hair down, damage them, and cause breakage. They can weaken the roots which can result in excessive hair fall, hair thinning, and bald spots.

Once the hair and scalp are damaged, hair will continue to fall even after you have removed the extensions. It’s thus important to choose extensions that aren’t too heavy.


3. Remove Extensions With Care

Properly removing hair extensions is vital for scalp and hair health as well as the extensions themselves. Avoid yanking and tugging them off since doing so will damage the extensions and your natural hair.

It’s best to visit a salon to get your extensions professionally removed while preventing discomfort and damage.

4. Give Your Hair a Break

It isn’t advisable to wear extensions continuously. Doing so will weaken the roots and cause hair fall and hair thinning. Giving your hair a break from extensions will help your strands recover and become stronger.

Remember that hair extensions must be removed and replaced at regular intervals. Also, if you wear clip-in extensions, they must be removed before sleeping.

5. Avoid Excess Heat

Styling extensions before applying them is okay. However, if you’re in the habit of heat-styling extensions after wearing them, it can damage your natural hair.

6. See a Professional Stylist

When applied incorrectly, hair extensions can damage the scalp and hair. Also, they can cause severe headaches, traction alopecia, and lead you to remove them sooner than usual.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice having voluminous long hair for the health of your natural tresses. Professional stylists can make sure you get long and thick hair in the gentlest way. They use non-damaging application techniques so your natural hair doesn’t get damaged.

7. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Having hair extensions does not mean you should give up your hair-care routine. If anything, you must care for your hair more.

Keeping hair clean is one of the most important parts of hair care. It reduces scalp damage and the chances of infection. Hair must be washed as often as required according to your hair type. Also, if you wear ready-to-wear extensions like clip-ons, make sure to remove them and wash them separately.

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that will clean and moisturize your hair and scalp. However, avoid over washing as this can cause extensions to become loose and affect their longevity.

8. Switch Hairstyles

Extensions must be worn for two to three months max. It’s important to remember this so you don’t permanently damage your natural hair. After having your extensions removed, give your hair a break for a few months and try a different hairstyle without extensions.


9. Avoid Tangles

Make sure that your extensions don’t get tangled. This can be more challenging while sleeping. If you opt for clip-ons, you can remove them before sleeping. For semi-permanent extensions, tie your hair in a loose braid to avoid tangles.

10. Replace Extensions Regularly

Even if you are providing the best care and maintenance, hair extensions can only last so long. After around two to three months, extensions get matted and tangled. Even if they don't, your hair will have grown to an extent that they become visible which can be unsightly so replace extensions regularly. 

11. Sleep on Silk or Satin

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wrapping your hair in satin or silk before sleeping will prevent dryness. Gently brush the area where the extensions are connected and tie a silk scarf around your hair to protect it from friction with your pillowcase.

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Hair extensions can instantly give us longer, more voluminous, and lustrous hair. But it’s also important to take care of them while keeping an eye on the health of our real hair. With these tips, you can ensure the health of your natural strands while keeping your extensions looking good for as long as possible.