Picking the Right Hairstyle in Six Easy Steps

April 09, 2022

Picking the Right Hairstyle in Six Easy Steps

Thinking of making some hair-changing decisions? Bangs or no bangs, layers, or no layers, can you rock a quick bob? The details matter. In choosing your hairstyle, . That will make the most of your unique shape and features. There are four easy steps to get the right style for you. Once we find the perfect style match for you. I will share with you how easy it is to get the perfect style. No more going through bad hair phases or crossing your fingers as you have your locks snipped away. We have this down to science.


Step One: Determining Your Face Shape

This is an important step, because hairstyles and face shapes are all about balance. You can downplay and stress certain features to balance them out with certain hairstyles. So it is important to know your face shape. The easiest way to figure this out is to tie all your hair back out of your face. Stand arm length away from the mirror and use a black dry erase marker to draw around your face in the mirror. Stand back and consider your shape. It will either be oval, round, square, or heart-shaped.

If you recognize that you have an oval face shape, you have the freedom to choose any style. Oval face shapes have features that are proportionate, but adding layers will give you good results. If you have a round face shape, you want to apply more angle at your jawline, so anything with layers or a cut just below the jawline will offer extra angles to your facial features. Stay away from shorter cuts to prevent your face from looking more round. If your face shape is square, you want to attract recognition to your cheekbones. A side part, or lengthy bangs that settle to your cheekbones. Or add layers to the ends of your hair to encourage countering the jawline and avoiding the square facial shape. For those with a heart-shaped face, you want waves or delicate curls. Anything with fullness at the underside is the best style for your shape. If you have a face shape and style that advertises the right features, then you're ready for step two.



Step Two: Find Your Hair Type

Your hair type is important. You can pick out the perfect hairstyle in a magazine, but once you get the cut, it doesn’t look the same on you. That is because of the hair type. The cut may be designed for thicker hair, and yours is thin. So it’s important to know your hair type. Your hair type is the shape (straight, wavy, curly) and the texture, which is the thickness of each individual hair.  We can specify your hair texture as either thin, medium, or coarse. Fine being thinner and coarse, being the thicker strand of hair.

An easy way to evaluate the amount of hair you have is to place your hair into a ponytail. The number of times your rubber band wraps around your pony will reveal the type of hair you have. Three times a round is fine hair. Two = three times is medium hair, and one time is thick hair. Once you have this established, you're ready for the next step.

Step Three: Find a Match

Now with what we have picked up about our face shape and our hair, there are diverse styles to choose from. It is important to consider how much work you want to put into fixing your hair everyday. What good is a new look if it takes 20 minutes of work daily to look good? So consider that and then ask Google.  I will ask Google to show me the hairstyles of actresses with thick hair and a round face. So I have different popular styles to consider with females with my same hair type and face shape. After you find some styles you like, you can look for different variations of those styles to find something tailored just for you. Now for the best step.


Step Four: Getting Your Perfect Style

If you have short hair, your ideal hairstyle is long hair with layers. You're going to be bummed at the thought of going through all the awkward growing out stages, and the time it takes. You just discovered your perfect hairstyle, but have to wait six months to grow your hair out to try out the look. Or your style match is cutting off all your locks. You can always do this gradually, and work your way into the shortcut, versus chopping it off all at once and putting your hair and yourself in shock.


Step Five: Accentuate Your Features

Be sure to accentuate your best features. For example, if you want your eyes to stand out, try out some bangs. Maybe some that stop right at your eyebrows. This will steer the attention to your eyes. You can also hide certain features you don’t want to stand out. Like if you think your ears are too big. Keep your hair longer to keep them covered. A long haircut with lots of layers will cover up the shape of your neck. You can minimize any feature you don’t like with a style, just don’t go too far and try to hide behind your hair. We are all beautiful and have certain features to show off and certain features to downplay.


Step Six: Experiment with Your Hair and the Styles

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