Maintaining Natural Hair in The Winter Time

January 10, 2018

Maintaining Natural Hair in The Winter Time

Winter is here! Nurturing and taming your afro throughout the year is important, but take time to dedicate a bit of extra attention during the winter months. The cold increases dryness, which can cause your hair to have brittle ends. These brittle ends can cause breakage and lead to an unhealthy fro. Despite the winter’s harsh temperatures, there are ways to maintain your natural hair in the winter time. Whether you choose to have a protective style or follow the other tips for keeping your hair properly moisturized, this advice will ensure the best care for your afro.

Moisturize Your Hair:

Moisturizing your hair is the single, best piece of advice you could receive in taking care of your fro. You may have seen this advice numerous times, but it can’t be repeated enough to display its importance. Keeping a conditioned, moisturized head of hair is essential in protecting your hair from the low temperatures that winter brings. The breakage, caused by the cold, could set back all the hard work you put in during the summer months in maintaining your hair. Due to the cold weather, it is harder to retain moisture in your hair during this season. Apply large amounts of leave in conditioner to your hair to be sure your hair conquers the cold weather. The best rule of thumb is to apply it nearly as much as you would a relaxer. Don’t slack off in this department or it could be extremely detrimental to your hair growth in the future.

Wear Protective Styles:

Twist outs, hair extensions, and wigs are a great way to keep your natural hair protected, while staying warm. Your selection of twist outs are endless, from two strand twists to flexi rod curls. Hair extensions are a great way to keep a long mane, but have your hair protected underneath. Hair extensions can range from sew ins to braids. Although these take time, they last a few months with little maintenance needed to preserve a fresh look. Wigs are the quick way to have the look of hair extensions without having to set aside the time needed to get them in your hair. The wig selection available to you is limitless when deciding among natural hair wigs and lace fronts.  There a multitude of companies that have affordable wigs both online and in your nearest hair stores.  

Limit Heat, Wash & Gos, and Haircuts:

During the summer time, these are some of the go to hair routines, but for this season, aim to avoid them. Flat ironing your natural hair should be limited regardless of the seasons, but it is especially best to avoid in the winter time. The heat of the flat iron contributes to the dryness of your hair. Because the cold is already a culprit to added dryness, you don’t want anything else to do the same.

For the warmer months, to evade build up and sweat accumulation, wash and gos are both convenient and recommended. During the colder months, washing your hair and going out into the air can not only cause you to get sick, but can also contribute to drying out your hair by removing your hair’s natural oils. Limit the amount of times you wash your hair to avoid having this problem.

Haircuts are a cute addition to your hairstyles, but during the winter you are restricted in how much moisture your hair extracts. Not only will your scalp feel colder on the areas that are missing hair, but your hair will lack in the essential moisture it needs due to the frigid cold. Being that the ends of your hair are the oldest, with short cuts, it is difficult to retain moisture when constantly being exposed to the cold. It is best to avoid haircuts during the winter, instead aim for a trim the next time around.

Wear Head Scarfs and Slap Caps:

We have all seen the social media images of the beautiful, black men and women wearing head scarfs. These scarfs are a new trend, but are also especially helpful during the winter. In the same way that you would wear a hat, you can wear a head scarf to seal in the moisture and keep your hair protected from the cold.

Another popular source of coverage for naturals is the Slap Cap. As shown below, this cap is lined with satin, which is one of the most important materials to use when taking care of your hair. Just as sleeping on satin pillows or with satin caps helps retain your hair’s moisture and keeps your hair protected while sleeping, these slap caps provide that same care to your hair throughout the day. They resemble the look of a beanie and are extremely stylish. These can also be worn with protective styles, as it stretches to your hair’s form.



Mixing and matching the tools discussed here are a great way to maintain your hair during the winter time. Although it may take a bit of extra time to ensure you are doing one or more of these tips, it is important to keep your afro healthy. Remember, moisturizer is the most essential ingredient to natural hair, but these other options are equally important in choosing what to do afterwards. Stay protected from the cold, harsh weather with a new head scarf or slap cap. Contact your hair dresser to install hair extensions in the form of braids or sow ins or if you are in a hurry, throw on a wig before you head outside. Steer clear from washing your hair too much and never go directly into the air after washing your hair, especially without moisturizing it first. Be sure to limit the amount of times you apply heat to your hair and consider avoiding getting a haircut. Spring will be here before you know it and you’ll be back into your normal hair care routine. Tweak a few things and you’ll be maintaining your hair this winter better than you ever have before!