How to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair for a Seamless Look 

December 08, 2020

How to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair for a Seamless Look 

If you’re dealing with haircut regret and are dreaming of having long, flowing locks, then hair extensions have probably crossed your mind. With clip in hair extensions to the rescue, you can have your long hair back (or achieve the long, thick locks you’ve always dreamed of) without having to make another commitment or damaging your own hair. If you’re nodding “yes, please!” you may need to hold your horses before diving headfirst into the first extensions you see. There is an art to disguising short hair with extensions to create the most natural and seamless look.

Follow our tips below to learn how to blend hair extensions with short hair for a seamless look and no one will ever know.


  1. Choose a Thick Set

The first key to seamlessly blending your hair extensions into your short hair is to use a thick set of extensions. Even if your own hair isn’t necessarily thick, you’ll need the extra hair to create a seamless blend. Short hair styles tend to have easily seen, blunt ends. When paired with hair extensions that are too thin, the line is obvious where your short hair stops.

We recommend choosing our Queen Clip In Extensions, which offer 220 grams per set for the thickest clip in hair extensions we offer. The extra hair will help you to blend your short hair with the extensions for a seamless look.


  1. Pin Up the Bottom Section of Hair

The next step to blending hair extensions with short hair is to create a section using your fingers or rattail comb from the middle of your ear to the other ear. Braid or twist this section and pin it flat against your head with bobby pins. The hair within this section tends to be the shortest and can cause stray hairs to poke out, making it obvious that hair extensions are a part of your look. Pinning up this section of hair also removes some of the “blunt” from your short haircut and creates a firm base to attach your first extensions to. You will clip the first weft directly onto the pinned hair.


  1. Layer Your Hair Extensions

If you have an especially blunt haircut that you wish to completely conceal, a neat trick with blending hair extensions is to stack two wefts on top of each other and clip them together over a section. While you’re technically clipping only one section, you have two wefts together to create extra volume to totally hide a blunt haircut line.


  1. Use Your One-Clip Wefts

When trying to blend hair extensions with short hair for a seamless look, don’t ignore the one-clip wefts that come with your clip in extensions set. Adding at least one of these to either side of your head in the front will add volume and help to blend the shorter face-framing layers.


  1. Mix Colors for Natural Dimension

One thing that gives away the use of hair extensions is when they are free from any dimension and your own hair has lots of varying tones. To seamlessly blend your short hair with your hair extensions, you should look for extensions that match and complement the tones and shades of your natural hair. This may mean purchasing two different extension sets. Alternate where you install each color to achieve a seamless blend.


  1. Tease Your Roots

If your hair leans on the finer side, teasing the roots before clipping in the extension wefts will give added grip and hold to prevent slipping. Backcomb each section of your own hair before installing your extensions.


  1. Go Higher Than Normal

If you’ve put in hair extensions before, you probably know that the golden rule is to avoid putting in extensions above the tops of your ears to prevent the extensions from being seen. However, with short hair, your goal is to conceal as much of your hair as possible, so you may need to install them higher up on your head than usual. If you don’t think your extensions will match the top of your head, a handy trick is to use a root spray to add color to the tops of your extensions to help them match your own roots.


  1. Style Your Hair and Extensions Together

The last trick to creating a seamless blend between your short hair and hair extensions is to style them together, while wearing them. Styling them at the same time will help you to create a seamless look in which all of the hair flows together. Adding curls and waves is a great way to achieve a seamless blend between shorter hair and hair extensions, hiding any obvious lines. However, if you want straight locks, you can use a flat iron to straighten both your own hair and your extensions together at the same time to blend them seamlessly.

Do you have short hair that you want to conceal with hair extensions? We hope these tips and tricks help you to create the seamless look you desire, while enjoying the beauty of our 100% human Remy hair extensions!