How to Blend Clip in Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

April 25, 2019

How to Blend Clip in Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

You all must agree that one of the best ways of updating your look is through Clip in hair extensions. With clip in hair extensions, you can always upgrade your look with no issues and no commitment. Most clip-ins come with a base color that closely resembles the natural hair tone. However, one of the main questions people ask when they come to a solution of investing in hair extensions is, how to make hair extensions blend with your hair. Today we are going to discuss some of the various ways people can make their hair extensions blend into their hair and look natural. These are:

Clip in Extensions

Go for the Right Match

Right match means choosing clip in hair extensionsthat exactly resembles your hair color and texture. Fox clip-ins sets come in a different range of colors, may it be honey blonde, brown so say jet black.

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Go for the Right Length

 Make sure that you create the most natural look possible with your extensions. In short your hair extensions must gel well with your natural hair. Ask your stylist to trim or cut the hair in a similar way to yours to get the best results. Consider your natural hair length is essential and also important when it comes to styling your extensions.

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Blend the clip in hair extensions seamlessly

How extensions are placed into your hair is of importance since it ensures your look remains natural. Putting the extensions onto your head needs something to grip onto.  To do this, you will have to spray your hair using hairspray and then gently to tease it before pushing the clips on. The spraying and teasing allow the extensions to have a grip onto the hair, thus this way hair extensions gel well with your natural hair.

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Flip it Out

It is also of importance to note that your type of hair matters a lot. For example, to make the extensions blend nicely with your hair, consider more beautiful hair that will likely need more teasing than thicker hair. Another helpful tip about hair extensions is to apply your bottom weft upside down. All of your shorter hair is hidden by the longer lengths when you flip your head upright.

Simply shake it out

Once the extension has been clipped in, shaking it out using fingers helps the extensions to look more natural. This allows the extensions to mix with your hair for a more seamless look. Be cautious that you don’t accidentally catch the clips and pull them out.

You can go for a Curling Iron

When having a tough time trying to blend your shorter hair with your new extensions, then try loosely curling the hair together. Also, remember to spray your extensions using a heat protectant before any heat styling.

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Washing the hair extensions before Wearing

Most of the clips in extensions have an ultra-glossy finish when clipped to natural hair. The remedy of this issue is easy and straightforward. All you are required to do is to wash the extensions before use. A gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will be excellent for this work.

Wash Hair

Let’s check out the Steps to be followed for Blending Clip in Hair Extension With your natural hair

  1. You need to start with freshly washed and blow-dried hair. The middle of your ear is the starting point and then across the other ear. Insert the clip in making sure not to get too close to the sides. You can leave a little bit of your natural hair to hide the wefts.
  2. Continue with the process and as you proceed be leaving about a half inch to an inch of your natural hair down to cover the wefts. Once you get to the top part, decide where you want your section to be.
  3. Starting from the arch of your eyebrow then you need to part your hair straight back toward the middle of your head.
  4. Try to smooth down your hair with a brush so as It can blend well without putting much effort. You can even use a tiny bit of coconut oil on the ends of your natural hair to keep it smooth and shiny.
  5. The hair finally blends in as per the expectations. You can't tell where your hair ends, or where the clip in begin. The exact texture for natural hair that has been blown out is the clip-in hair extension.Hair Extensions