7 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Micro-ring Hair Extensions

November 23, 2022

7 Ways To Extend the Life of Your Micro-ring Hair Extensions

If you’ve invested in quality micro-ring hair extensions, we’re sure you’re wondering how you can make them last for the longest time possible. After all, these hair extensions are one of the most undetectable and easy-to-wear products on the market. Micro-ring hair extensions also look incredibly natural and don’t damage your hair.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can care for your micro-ring extensions so you can enjoy wearing them for several months!

Let’s dive in.


What Are Micro-ring Hair Extensions?

Before we begin talking about how to care for your micro-ring hair extensions, let’s understand what they are and how they’re worn. Micro rings are tiny metal rings through which hair extensions and some of your own hair are threaded together.  

The micro rings are clamped in place once they have been properly positioned, firmly securing the extensions to your hair. This process prevents untoward damage to your strands because all it does is bind the rings to your natural hair.

Because the rings are so tiny, you can barely see them. Putting on micro-ring hair extensions looks just like you’ve grown your hair out naturally. Plus, you can get these human hair extensions in a wide array of colors.

Now that we know how they work, let’s get into how you can properly care for them so that they can last for almost half the year.

1. Regular Brushing

This one’s a no-brainer. Regularly brushing your hair ensures that tangles, mats, and knots are removed and taken care of. Even with natural hair, tangles and knots can cause breakage and damage to strands.

Use a gentle comb or brush and brush your hair daily to make sure knots don’t cause breakage. Get a good quality, wide-toothed detangling comb to maintain your extensions.

Hold your hair under the part where you have the micro-ring extensions and gently brush outward to remove knots.


2. Avoid Chlorine and Salt

Chlorine from pools is known to damage natural hair. This is even truer for extensions since they aren’t growing from your roots and are unable to repair themselves from chlorine damage.

Swimming in chlorinated pools and oceans can cause breakage and damage to micro-ring hair extensions. Salt is a no-no. However, if you’re tempted to have a swim, make sure to safely tie up or plait your hair so it does not come in contact with the water for too long.

3. Shampoo Regularly

Wash your hair extensions as regularly as you would your own hair. Be gentle with the way you use your hands. Aggressive scrubbing does no good to extensions and your scalp.

Before entering the shower, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Adjust the water pressure to avoid pulling on or damaging your extensions. Allow your hair to hang naturally behind your shoulders and ears while showering. Gently massage your hair in vertical motions to keep the strands as straight as possible.

4. Tie Them Up While Sleeping

For anyone with long or medium-length hair, this is a great tip. Always tie your hair in a loose braid or ponytail before you sleep. During sleep, we toss and turn. The friction of our heads against the pillow causes loads of hair breakage.

This way, you even reduce the number of knots in your hair.

5. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles like high ponytails and buns can pull on your micro-ring hair extensions and cause them to come loose or get jostled out of place. Not just that, but they can also break your strands and cause serious strain on your scalp.

Avoiding tight hairstyles will preserve your hair extensions and may even benefit your natural hair by encouraging more natural hair growth!

6. Do Not Damage Extension Joints

Do your best to avoid damaging the joints of your micro-ring hair extensions. This means avoiding hot oil massages to the scalp, not using shampoos with sulfates or anti-dandruff shampoos, and staying away from head lice treatments.

Another way to avoid damage to the joints is by not tying your hair in tight up-dos which causes strain on the rings and breakage.

7. Be Gentle During Combing and Styling

People often wonder whether they can use heat to style their hair while they have micro-ring extensions on. The answer is yes. Just make sure you apply heat protectant before you begin.

Run a comb through your hair gently before starting to use heat. During combing, the teeth of the comb should not come in contact with the micro rings. If your hair extensions come off by accident, take them to the salon and have them reattached.

You also don’t want your hair to snap because of tangles. Use styling wands or curlers gently so they don’t come in contact with the rings as you style your hair.

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