7 Beautiful Braid Hairstyles

June 05, 2019

7 Beautiful Braid Hairstyles

 Braids are beautiful and one of the easiest styles to make. Not only do they make you look good, but they also let your scalp rest for months and gives it protection from harsh environments. Creativity is the main feature of braids as they can be made into whatever style you need at the moment. Whatever the braid, whichever style you want we've got you covered. From the basic three strand braid to the fishtail braid. Braids are one of the easiest hairstyles to rock on your head. The numerous techniques to braid are what makes each style unique and distinctly different from each other.

     Its versatility is an added bonus as you can select from an array of multiple, unique, beautiful, pleasant styles. Do you want to know more beautiful styles to rock from the amazing world of the braids? Keep on reading.

  1. Dutch Braid: The Dutch Braid is also known as the inverted French Braid due to the similarity in styles. To make a Dutch Braid, first brush your hair back to make it smooth, then you take a comb to divide your hair into a V formation from the temple of your head to the crown of your head. Next, take the three strands from that section and braid them. Unlike the French Braid that you braid by crossing them over one another, the Dutch Braid is done by crossing them one under the other. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the hair. Always make sure to add more hair from the sides of your hair each time you cross it under to give it that firm, elegant look.
    Dutch Braid
  2. Dutch Braid Pigtails: Dutch Braid Pigtails is also another simple braid style to make. First off, you part the hair down the center, then create Dutch braids on the sections that are on either side of your hair, do this till you reach the nape of your neck. Secure each tail by tying a ribbon or hair tie to them. Voila! The Dutch Braid Pigtails is yours to rock for weeks.
    Dutch Braid Pigtails
  3. Fishtail Braid: The Fishtail braid is almost like the pigtails. First divide your hair into two parts (from the center to either ears), hold both parts in one head and separate them with your index finger, use your other hand to grab a piece of your hair from the outer part of the other section and drag it towards the first section to braid, drag a piece from the first section and take it towards the other section to braid. Repeat this process until you reach the end of your hair. There you have it a messy fishtail braid, you can decide to secure it with an elastic.
    Fishtail Braid
  4. Waterfall Braid: Waterfall Braid is done by first creating a center part down the middle of your hair all the way to your neck, French braid from the right side of your hair. After that, you pick three strands and continue French braiding, but this time you drop the outermost parts of the braid that normally should be crossed over, by leaving it and letting it fall you create the scene of a waterfall, and bring the waterfall braid into existence.
    Waterfall Braid
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  5. Braided Bun: A braided Bun is a combo of two braid techniques, the Dutch braid, and the three strand braid. To start, part your hair into two; top half and bottom half. For the top half, braid it Dutch style from the temple to the back side and secure them, when you get to the back, crisscross them and pin it down. For the bottom half of your hair, braid it in the regular three strands braid and wrap it in a bun, secure it with a bobby pin. Then for the final touch, you wrap the two crisscrossed braids into the bun and pin it into place. That's all you need for your Braided Bun.
    Braided Bun
  6. Chainlink Braid: This braid is started off by dividing your hair to create four sections, then you make a low ponytail from each section. For easy flow, we'll label each of them. After labeling, take the third section and cross it over the second section, then take the fourth section and cross it over the second and third but make sure you bring it over the third section. Next, drop the second section and pick the first section, bring it under the third and fourth section. It sounds complicated, right? Just a little, repeat the process by starting all over from the beginning and you'll perfect it. Your very own beautiful chainlink braid.
    Chainlink Braid
  7. Spiral Braid:  We love this brand for its simplicity. Gather all your hair at the crown and French braid it counterclockwise in a circular motion, starting from the front of your hairline and ending it on the right side of your head.
    Spiral Braid

     All braids are bound to bring out the beauty of your hair and keep everyone admiring you for weeks. Try one out today.