3 Things to Make Sure No One Knows You’re Wearing Clip in Hair Extensions

May 26, 2017

3 Things to Make Sure No One Knows You’re Wearing Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions can provide a fun and easy way to add more hair styling options any one’s arsenal of favorite looks. Clip in extensions make going from short to long or curly to straight hair nearly effortless and hassle-free but all that fun and hair freedom can disappear fast if it’s evident the hair you’re wearing isn’t your own. The goal of any great hairstyle that incorporates clip in hair extensions is to make the wearer look fabulous and that can only occur if the extensions blend so well with your hair that they are completely invisible to the naked eye.   

Here are 3 things you can do to make your extensions look so real that no one will ever suspect you’re wearing them:

  1. Choose the Right Texture

Selecting the right texture ranks at the very top of the list of things that make clip in hair extensions blend well with your hair. Examine your own hair to determine whether the strands of your hair are thick, medium or fine in texture and take a look to see if your hair looks dry, oily or wet and wavy. After studying your own hair texture examine the textures of a variety of clip in hair extensions to determine which hair types and textures are the closest matches to your own hair. Resist the urge to choose hair textures, curl or wave patterns solely because they look great on others because if the extensions don’t match your own texture you’ll have a hard time making them look natural and believable unless you conceal your own hair completely.

  1. Keep Them Away From Your Hairline

Although it may be tempting to place clip in hair extensions close to the hairline along the temples or near the forehead to create more volume or a more dramatic appearance it’s better to avoid placing extensions in this area if you desire a more natural look. Clip in extensions placed along the hairline are also more likely to be seen because there is less hair to cover the area where they’re attached to your hair. Eliminate the risk of your clip in extensions being revealed. Place them at least 1 inch away from your hairline to reduce the chance of exposure.

        3.Place Them Low

One of the best ways to make sure no one knows you’re wearing clip in hair extensions is to attach them only to the back half of the hair. Extensions placed low in the hair, from the area of the scalp nearest to the ears on down, tend to look more natural because there is more of your own hair to cover them. Clip in hair extensions that match your own hair texture will be completely undetectable anytime they can be fully incorporated into your hair.

Whenever you choose the hair texture of clip in hair extensions that closely match your own, place your clip ins away from your hairline and secure them further back in the hair you increase the chances of making your clip in hair extensions difficult to distinguish from your own hair.