How Do You Prevent Tangling/matting and Reduce Shedding?

There are some great, simple ways to prevent your hair extensions from tangling and shedding:

1 Brush your hair regularly using a loop hair extensions brush, wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush.  These are all great for hair extensions as they gently tease out the tangles, are super gentle and will minimise breakage.Wide Tooth Comb

2 Keep it moisturized.  Dry hair tangles way more easily and when it is dry and damaged it will shed.  Using products that are specially formulated for dry and damaged hair will add moisture.  Doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment or mask is a great way to take care of your hair and add moisture to keep it healthy.

3 Use a heat protector.  Every time you blow dry or use heat tools on your hair use a heat protector to minimize damage.  Try not to brush your hair until it is at least 90% dry as the hair is very prone to breakage when it is wet and brushing it when wet will simply cause it to snap and tangle.


4 Store your halo extensoins or clip in extensions neatly.  By always removing these and gently combing them to remove tangles before bed will help them to last for longer.  Brushing them daily prevents tangles from building up to a point where they become knots and shed.

5 Do not swim with your hair extensions.  Swimming with hair extensions can cause a LOT of tangling.  Remove your hair extensions if they are temporary, or tie them up if they are permanent.  If you absolutely must swim with them, then rinse them thoroughly afterward and use lots of conditioners.

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