Can I Swim or Play Sports with My Hair Extensions?

It depends on what type of hair extensions that you have if you can swim or play sports in them.  If you have clip in extensions or the halo hair then no, try and either remove these before the pool or sports or tie them up/clip them back so they do not get wet.  If you have permanent extensions then we still suggest that you try your best not to get them wet.  Unfortunately, they are simply just more prone to tangling when they are wet so it can be a lengthy process to untangle them without a conditioner on hand!

Swimming with Hair Extensions

Also, saltwater and chlorine are not good for our natural hair or for extensions.  The chemicals in chlorine can strip the hair of its natural oils and also cause discolorations.  Blonde hair extensions can turn green and nobody wants that to happen!  If getting your hair wet is unavoidable then braid it or tie it back to minimize tangling.  Rinse your hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine and saltwater, then use a good shampoo and lots of conditioners to ease the tangles.

You can certainly play sports wearing permanent hair extensions.  Our tape ins extensions, wefts, and tips stay secure after application so we will not move or fall out during your workouts.  However, you may still wish to tie your hair back to avoid tangling.

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