How Do I Wash My Hair Extensions?

All of our extensions at ABH are made from 100% human Remy hair which means that it still has the cuticle intact and all of the hair runs in one direction.  This means that the hair is smooth, will tangle less than non Remy hair and you can treat it in the same way as you would treat your own hair.  Washing your hair will depend upon the type of extensions that you have so let’s take a look below:

Wash Hair Extensions

1 - Halo hair and clip in extensions must always be removed before washing!  Make sure that there are no tangles or knots as these will only become worse after washing.  In a sink run warm water (not too hot) and gentle shampoo and rinse them, always lather in a downwards motion to prevent breakage.  Once you have thoroughly rinsed off the shampoo you can repeat this process with the conditioner.  Gently remove all excess water with a towel, again just squeezing the hair with the towel and running it in a downwards motion.  You can then lay the hair on a towel and leave to air dry.  Once the hair has dried you can gently brush it to remove any tangles and style how you wish.


2 - Tape Ins, hand sewn wefts and I-tips extensions are all attached to your natural hair so you can wash them in a similar way to how you would wash your own hair.  Just be sure to always lather and rinse in a downwards motion to protect your hair from breaking and prevent tangling.  If you have tape-ins then do not get any conditioner near the tapes as this will loosen the sticky bond and the extensions could slip out.


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