How Much Do Tape in Extensions Cost

April 18, 2019

How Much Do Tape in Extensions Cost

For a long time, hair extensions were a preserve of the high-profile celebrities known to walk red carpet functions. This has changed and now they are readily available to the masses and every lady out there can easily get quality hair extensions at reasonable costs. For most ladies, tape in extensions remains their best choice as they offer great length, volume, also keeping natural hair healthy. Now with all these good attributes of the tape in type of hair extensions, how do you have to part with to get tape in extensions?

In this article we take an in-depth look at the cost of tape in extensions to find out how much you may have to part with to get them:

Are tape-in hair extensions really taped in?

Tape-in hair extensionsare referred to as tape-in extensions because individual wefts of hair are usually applied to the natural hair using adhesive to have them attached. The adhesive used are known to remain intact for at least 6 – 8 weeks. There are different types of tape-in hair extensions made by different manufacturers. Those that are made of 100% Remy human hair usually cost more than those made of artificial hair. The methods for applying tape-in hair extensions are also different and it all depends on a hairstylist’s chosen method. Please note that the method of applying tape-in hair extensions is what will determine seamless blending and natural placement.



What’s the difference between tape-in and the other methods of application?

There usually isn’t much that can be said about the uniqueness of this method of applying hair extensions from the others. However, most people usually consider them to be semi-permanent hair extensions. Others also claim that they do less damage to natural hair compared to the other methods of extension hair applications such as; glue-ins, sew-in, bonded, or beaded. Mostly, you will find tape-in hair extensions costing a little less than the other types of extension hair applications. This may be partly due to the fact that they rather take less time to apply on the hair. For those who have tried other methods of extension hair application, trying tape-in hair extension can actually come in handy for them. You take clip-in hair extensions for instance most ladies complain that they don’t usually fit in quite well and properly.

Why would you consider tape-in hair extensions

For most ladies who prefer to have tape-in hair extensions, they always want to get thickness and volume. If you have thin and fragile hair and have been considering tape-in hair extensions perhaps you might want re-think your desire to get them. This is because they are ideal for ladies who have strong hair that are not fragile. Tape-in hair extensions will give you all the length that you may want from added hair. They also give you the volume to make your overall appearance appealing to your beholders! For many, there is no other hair extension application type better than tape-in hair extensions!



So who is the best fit for tape-in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are good for almost any lady out there as long as her desire is to have long and voluminous hair. However, experts, advice that ladies with highly thick and curly hair should try other methods of extension application other than tape-in hair extensions.

How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

On an average tape-in hair extensions usually last between 6-8 weeks but this may be unique from one person to the next. Fortunately, tape-in hair extensions can always be re-used many times before a new set is needed to be purchased. If you treat your tape-in hair extensions well, they should be able to serve you even for a period of up to one year! Now you understand where tape-in hair extensions being a little affordable comes in? Yes, for the fact that they can actually be re-used many times over and over again. Basically, the maintenance cost of tape-in hair extensions is quite cheap compared to that of the other methods of extension application.

How much do tape-in hair extensions cost?

This question is quite tricky to answer as this is usually dependent on the salon, the hairstylist, or brand that is purchased. For an initial investment that is under the $400 mark, one should be able to get a great bunch of tape-in hair extensions. This cost should be able to cover even for the installation cost. For re-application you may part with anything from $150 - $200 after a period of every three months. You can always take out the tape-in hair extensions on your own and then give them to your hairstylist for them to be cleaned before they can then be re-applied on you. Of course if you have some spare cash, you can hire someone for the work of removing them for you.