Five Best Ways to Grow Your Hair Fast

May 30, 2019

Five Best Ways to Grow Your Hair Fast

     Are you looking for a fast way or the fastest way to grow your hair from short to long overnight? You're in the wrong place. Not only is it quite impossible, but it's also something that can not happen as of yet. Rapunzel didn't get her hair that long overnight.

     Scientifically, it has been proven that the hair grows quarter of an inch at least and half an inch at most each month. No woman is ever satisfied with her hair, we all want it either short if it's too long or rather long if it's too short, we want to add a few inches here, style it particularly likes this or that, or grow it to butt-length.

     But there's a secret we want to share with you on how to get your hair to grow faster. Normally, the hair grows an average 6 inches per year, but you could double or triple it by keeping your hair in top healthy condition.

     The hair is divided into three growth stages; the anagen stage, catagen stage, and the telogen stage. Each hair strand goes through these three stages of growth.

     First going through the anagen stage which is known as the growth stage, this stage lasts for the duration of two to six years. This stage is immediately followed by the catagen stage which comes with the transition and renewal of hair follicles. Lastly, we have the telogen stage, this is the stage where the hair stops growing.

     How do you then stimulate your hair to grow? We told you we had a secret, right? It's time we told you.

  1. Always eat a healthy and balanced diet: Good nutrition helps you grow virtually anything and everything. Your hair follicles are mostly made up of proteins and its growth is dependent on the nutrition that you give it. Getting a good shampoo and/or a conditioner could be helpful and essential for the hair, but they are not the only things required for the growth. Get a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and oil to enrich the hair. Dirt packed with beans, chicken, fish, etc will provide your hair with the nutrients and essential oils for its growth. Focus more on your balanced diet and less on your various hair care products.healthy and balanced diet
  2. Massage your scalp:  Your hair is no different from your body, if your body deserves a massage, then your scalp does too. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips to help stimulate the blood circulation. Massage in a circular motion with heated coconut oil to strengthen the root and moist the hair, doing this greatly improves the hair grow longer and stronger. Why coconut oil? Coconut Oil has the superadded benefit of vitamins and nutrients to condition your hair, mostly all conditioners make use of coconut oil in their products.Massage Scalp
  3. Trim your hair: Yes you heard us right, trim your hair. Trimming your hair regularly every three months to cut out the split ends and the damaged parts actually help your hair to grow. Right now it seems that we're contradicting ourselves by telling you to trim your hair when you came here to get it long, but the truth is the more balanced your hair is, the more growth it will achieve. Damaged hair coupled with split ends will only restrict the growth of your hair, it's health and causes it to break and thin out. Trimming out those damaged parts reduces the chances of split ends and increases the chances of growth.Trim Hair
  4. Don't wash too often: I think we might have to rephrase that, "Don't wash too often with shampoo", now that's rightly said. Washing your hair with shampoo is bad for your hair, although making sure that your hair is clean is essential for its hygiene and growth, once done incorrectly it could harm the hair more. Washing daily with shampoo causes your hair to lose its natural and essential oils and also to dry out, it also causes it to dehydrate and break faster. Washing of hair should be at most five times a week. Make use of chemical free shampoo to help in the washing of your hair, this not only cleans your hair to pristine condition, but it also keeps it long and healthy.            Wash Hair
  5. Condition your hair: Conditioning your hair regularly after washing it with shampoo helps keep it looking perfect, shining and smooth. It is important to always use a good hair conditioner, this helps replace lipids and proteins that might have been lost during washing. It also seals the cuticles of the hair to advance growth. A good hair conditioner helps hydrate your hair and keeps it from looking dull, thin and frizzy. With your hair in perfect condition, it'll grow out more volume, length and add more shine and texture.Condition Hair

     Drinking lots of water also factor a lot in the growth of your hair. Your hair depends on your body for its hydration and your body depends on its an intake of water to keep it hydrated.

     There you have it, that's our secret of growing your hair faster. You can thank us later after you try it out.