Everything You Want To Know If You Have Thick Hair

June 18, 2019

Everything You Want To Know If You Have Thick Hair

     If you want your hair to be thicker, then there's one thing you have to tackle first, and that's the issue of breakages. Once we tackle the issue of the greatest enemy to thicker and fuller hair, which is breakages.

     Your hair grows a mere half inch per month, which means by the end of the year, your hair would have grown just 6 inches. We don't have a year to grow just a meager 6 inches of hair, that's such a long wait.

     So, how do we jump start the waiting process to have thicker hair within weeks? It's achievable and we have the tips to help and assist you.

     For healthier, fuller and thicker hair, there are some things you must know to achieve it, from hair supplements to hair masks.

  1. Gentle Treatment for your hair: Hair loss is one of the factors that stop your hair from growing, so the first thing is to give your hair gentle treatment to let it grow. Instead of a brush use a wide-tooth comb to work out the tangles off your hair gently. Avoid straining your hair if your hair is wet, as this is the point where your hair is at its weakest. Avoid wringing, squeezing or rubbing your hair unnecessarily in the act of drying it, just wrap your hair in a towel and let it absorb the water.Comb Your Hair
  2. Use Essential oils to nourish your hair: Natural oils work when you allow them to work to invest in getting natural and essential oils to nourish your hair and thicken it. Indian gooseberry oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nuts oil, papaya oil, chamomile, rosemary, thyme, lavender, cedarwood and almond oil among many others will thicken your hair within weeks. Apply only the essential oils to your hair, you'll find out that we didn't just mention all the types of oils in the world. Apply the oil into your scalp and massage it with your fingers, you can also mix your oils in your shampoo and conditioner while you're washing your hair. Apply the essential oils to your hair and make sure to cover all the strands.Essential Oils
  3. Avoid washing regularly: Washing regularly will strip your hair of its essential oils which nourishes, moisturizes and thickens the hair. Know your washing cycle and help protect your natural oil to protect it from damages. Instead of washing your hair daily just dry shampoo your hair anytime you're not washing it.Wash Hair
  4. Avoid using Styling Products, Shampoos, and Conditioners with chemicals: We do not have to emphasize how harmful these chemicals can affect your hair, so we won't. Instead, we'll be advising you on going for sulfate-free, surfactant free, silicone free shampoos and conditioners. In a bid to provide you with the cleaning that you need for your hair, a lot of these products are infused with harmful chemicals which strip off your essential oils, so like we said before avoid sulfate shampoos and go for the sulfate-free ones.  Hair Products
  5. Avoid Heat Styling Tools: Heat styling tools do more harm to your hair than good, your hair wasn't built to endure such high temperature and subjecting it to heat just sips up all the oil it has. Instead of using heat styling tools, you could go for heatless techniques. If you must absolutely heat style your hair, make sure to spray with a quality heat protectant product to protect your hair and limit the amount of damage that might occur.Avoid Heat Styling Tools
  6. Try out a volumizing spray: Volumizing sprays gives your hair the much-needed texture, especially if they are packed with natural and organic ingredients. Thickness is all about volume, so this is the trick to apply to get it to work. Start first with a volumizing shampoo to the crown of your head and wash, then follow it with a volumizing conditioner to the tips and body of the hair, make sure to avoid the roots, and when you're done with that and your hair is dried, spray it with a volumizing spray to complete the cycle.Try out a volumizing spray
  7. Trim it regularly: Your hair will sometimes come about with split ends and damaged tips, that's a sign for you to trim it off instantly. Trimming off the affected parts allows your hair to grow out fuller, longer and thicker.Trim Hair
  8. Balance your diet: Balance your diet with Vitamin B and proteins to gain and keep thick hair. Your hair is mostly made up of keratin which feeds off from the protein ingested, so stock up more on proteins and vitamins to keep your thick hair.Balance Diet

     Having thick hair opens a multiple dimension of possibilities for you and your hair, knowing these tips helps you a lot in achieving a fuller, longer and thicker hair.