11 Most Charming Hair Styles In 2019 Summer

April 23, 2019

11 Most Charming Hair Styles In 2019 Summer

  Summer is around the corner and you are looking for the best hairstyles to rock, right? Well, if you haven’t then this is the time to do so. Summer can be such a sweaty affair and you don’t want to get into sweaty and sticky situations.

      The following hairstyles will see you rocking and enjoying the warm and sometimes hot weather. From the Perfect Summer Ponytail hairstyle to the Double French Braided Bun, you can roll around all summer with these hairstyles without worrying about sweaty necks or sticky bangs on the forehead.


     Pigtails are good summer hairstyles. For this hairstyle, divide your hair in half down the middle, then bring round the sections to your shoulders and pin it down. You can also space it with tiny elastics down the tails in equal distances to add the poufs.`

Low Ponytail

     Ponytails are your go to hairstyles in any season and weather, but we love it for the summer. Washing your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner will make it look polished and make it shiny in this hot weather. Rocking this hairstyle anywhere this summer is sure to make people fall in love with you and the hair.

Single Braid

     Braid always looks good but a single one just looks perfect for the summer, especially when the humid winds blow and everything becomes sticky making you have a really bad hair day. Very simple to make, just add one braid to any side of your preference. You can rock this hairstyle like that or take a summer hat to get your style in the summer groove.

French Braids

     You plan on keeping your bangs off your forehead to avoid them being sweaty and greasy, and we plan on helping you achieve that. All you have to do to achieve this hairstyle is to braid your hair French style across your head from the front layer all the way to the back, packing up all the playful hairs (they really love summer). To strengthen your braids against the summer hit, spray it with a dry shampoo before plaiting it to add some extra grip.

Beachy Half Up Half Down Waves

     For your classic summer beauty looks, look no further. This beachy half up half down waves is very easy to make. Tightly pull back the you layers of your hair to the side of your hair and pin it firmly with some bobby pins to keep everyone's focus on the waves on the beach.

Half Up Half Down Braid

     If you can do a beachy half up half down waves hairstyle for the summer, we can always do a half up half down braid. All you have to do is make your braids, after that you twist the you section of your hair into a top-knot to give it that half up half down look.

Loose and Textured Braid

     The summer will never be complete if we do not make mention of the loose and textured braid. This braid as the name implies is done in just two simple methods; tease and tweak. First off, tease your hair from the crown to add volume to it, then plait it into a low braid. If you want to add more texture to it, just gently pull apart the braids to keep it looking high.

Summer Flower Braids

     Start with the regular three strand braid but this time make them broad, continue this step all the way to the tip of the braid. Next, you begin to roll the braid into a spiral with the broad side on the outside. Keep on rolling with the broad side facing outside till you reach the head. Once you finish with the rolling, pin it down and spray it for that shiny look.

Bouncy Curls

     You've got natural curls and you want to flaunt it this summer, but don't know how? Let's give you a hint, try a bouncy curl. All you have to do is lead your hair on with some mousse and then scrunch your curls up. Very simple. As you bounce your curls bounce too.

Summer Bun

     To rock this style, first blow dry your hair with a volumizing spray, then pull all your hair into a tight ponytail, then wrap it tightly at the root of the pony and then secure it with a ponytail holder.

Loose Curls

      Start first with a curling iron and randomly curl the tips of your hair, alternating the directions as you go. Then finish it off by flipping your hair upside down so that it breaks into loose Curls from all the shaking, and then hairspray it till perfection.


      Whichever hairstyle you choose from our list for summer is sure to leave you looking cool, calm and easy in this summer heat.