11 Best Ways To Remove Statics On Hair

June 11, 2019

11 Best Ways To Remove Statics On Hair

     Static hair just screams electricity!!! Yep, static hair is caused when the hair is charged with electricity. Let's go a little scientific here, your hair is made up of atoms which are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Now, this is where the atmosphere gets charged, electrons bounce from atom to atom and by doing this they become electrically charged. And scientifically that's how static hair gets formed in your hair.

     Now let's speak hair language here, static in your hair is what makes it stick to your lashes and face, what makes it fly away like you've got electricity crackling all over your hair and lastly, what gives you a tough time during hair styling.

     Luckily enough, we've got tips to get rid of static in your hair and free your hair from getting electrocuted or stuck. Keep on reading to learn how to unstick your hair and un-static it.

  1. Invest in Anti-static Dryer Sheets - Anti-static Dryer sheets are not just for your laundry, they are also amazing for your hair to help get rid of static electricity. How do they help get rid of static in your hair? Very simple, all you have to do is rub them on your hair, anti-static dryer sheets help absorb and reduces the static in your hair to minimal. Rub it on your combs and brushes before applying them to your hair to lessen the amount of static electricity that could be transferred.Dry Hair
  2. Use Hairspray or leave-in conditioner - Hairspray moistures the roots, scalp, shafts, and cuticles to prevent friction, and the leave-in conditioner performs the same function. Using them totally reduces the static in your hair. All you need to do is spritz a couple of sprays or rub a few drops into your hair.Use Hairspray or leave-in conditioner
  3. Lotions: If you're out of shampoos or leave-in conditioners, don't bother yourself too much, just grab a lotion and squirt few drops into your hair and rub from the roots to the tips. It is bound to keep your hair on your head and off your face as well as prevent any flyaways from happening. Don't overdo it, just a few drops of lotion will do the trick as we don't want the hair all oily and greasy.
  4. Try a frizz control spray: Frizz is synonymous to static as both of them are caused by friction, get a frizz control spray for your hair and let it work its magic. It frees up the static in your hair but doesn't weigh your hair down. You can say that you get two things for the price of one.Try a frizz control spray
  5. Brush when damp: Shampoo your hair, rinse it with cold water, oil it a little, spray it if you must and brush it while it's damp. This reduces friction which reduces static electricity in your hair. Friction is caused when two surfaces go over each other without lubrication, brushing your hair when it's still damp supplies the lubrication to lessen the friction and the static. You can also apply some hairspray directly to your brush before giving your hair a brushing down.Brush when damp
  6. Get a humidifier: Humidifier helps contribute by increasing the amount of moisture in your room, which reduces the friction in your hair. The higher the amount of moisture in your hair, the lesser the amount of static in your hair. It also improves the quality of your hair.
  7. Silicon-based conditioner: Conditioners made with silicone ingredients are also helpful, they coat the hair strands to eliminate static by neutralizing it.Silicon-based conditioner to Hair
  8. Go natural with your brush: Try out a natural bristle brush, although they are quite expensive, they render the best services to your hair. It evenly distributes natural and essential oils throughout the hair to keep it shiny and nourished.
  9. Avoid plastic combs: Plastic combs contribute immensely to the static in your hair, as it is not a good conductor of electricity, instead go for metal or wooden combs to help conduct electricity off your hair and into the atmosphere.
  10. Try Out Natural Clothing Over Synthetic ones: Natural clothing such as cotton, silk, wool or linen doesn't allow for static energy unlike the synthetic ones like nylon, polyester, and others. Synthetic clothing charges up quick and contributes to the static energy in your hair.
  11. Apply Water: If you don't have leave-in conditioners, shampoos or lotions, you can always fall back on the number one trusted, tested and reliable element - water. Sprinkle your hair with a little amount of water and braid it, or better still pin the front pieces with some bobby pins and Voila! You've reduced the amount of static in your hair drastically.Water replenishment

     Stop accumulating all the static electricity in your hair, use these tips to get rid of it immediately. Static shouldn't be given a chance on your head, save energy and switch it off.