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Natural Curly Hair Extensions

Many believe that hair extensions are just for straight-haired women, but this could not be more untrue! Curly hair can take a long time to grow, so why not add some extra length to your locks? Curly hair extensions are great because you won’t need to worry about straightening your hair before putting them in and there are different types of curl patterns available to match your natural hair. The process of adding length to your hair can be so much quicker when you get hair extensions that match your natural texture. Whether you are after length, fullness, or both, our curly hair extensions will be your new best friend! We offer a variety of colors and curl patterns to match every hair type. 

For less than $100, you can get our quality Remy curly hair clip-in extensions to give you the hair of your dreams. With proper maintenance, our extensions can last 6 months or even longer! You can cut, color, straighten, wash, condition and blow-dry the extensions just like your natural hair. They also look great in twists and Bantu knots. Our sets of curly hair extensions contain 7 rows of hair for a full, natural look. One set is great if you are just looking to add volume. Two sets of extensions are recommended if you are going for both length and volume. We use only the finest Remy hair for our curly clip-in extensions so you can rest assured that your extensions will look beautiful and natural. 

Curly hair extensions are a great choice because they are easy to install, do not damage your natural hair, add instant length and volume, and blend flawlessly into your natural hair and texture. Whether you have wavy hair or kinky, curly hair, you can be sure that we have extensions that will be perfect for your hair.

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