Hair Weave

Perhaps the most traditional style of hair extensions, sew-in extensions are ideally suited to women who want a long-lasting and stylish look that doesn’t require a ton of touch-ups every couple of weeks. These extensions are usually created in tracks, or weaves, similar to hand-tied hair extensions. The hair is used in lengths that generally go from one side of the head, around the back to the other. They are applied by literally sewing them into the natural hair, a process that begins with a few braids. You or your stylist will braid sections of your own hair along the scalp, horizontally, creating a sort of foundation for the track to be sewn into. Then, using a specific type of thread and a needle, the track will be sewn into the braid. The hair extensions are very well affixed, so they won’t be coming out any time soon!

Sew-in hair extensions are ideal for women with thick or curly hair. The method of application can put a bit of strain on the hair from the braiding as well as the weight of the extensions, so women with thin, fine, or light hair may want to avoid this technique. Otherwise, the extensions can become heavy or uncomfortable. But with the right natural hair texture and weight, sew-ins can provide an almost permanent hair extension. And don’t forget, ABH hair extensions are made from clean and pure human hair that hasn’t been treated with chemicals or harsh shampoos. With these sew-in extensions, you’ll get a seamless, durable, and versatile look that you can change and style as you do your own hair. Your look will never be boring from here on out!

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