Best Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair

July 03, 2019

Best Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair

     Beyond popular misconceptions, frizzy hair is not your notification that you're having a bad hair day, Frizz is natural, but in no way does it mean that we have to cope with it day in day out. Do you have a bushy mane that needs taming and conquering like those of "Hermione Granger"? Like Hermione's, all you need to tame your frizz is so simple that it works like magic.

     Frizzy hair is caused by damages to the hair shafts, hair scalps, and hair cuticles. The damages, dryness, or reactions to the chemicals applied to and on your head can cause frizzy hair because the outer layer of the strands which are best known as the cuticles rises to allow moisture to penetrate and fatten it.

     You're ready to tame your hair but you're not sure how to? Do you want a sleek, straight, free from fly-aways and frizz? We've got amazing and "magical" tips to tame your frizz, let's go through the "spell words" together.

  1. Use Gentle, Sulfate-free, Glycerin Shampoo: Frizzy hair is mostly caused by the lack of moisture in your hair and excess moisture in the air surrounding it. Your hair attempts to absorb moisture but doesn't get enough, so the more it tries to absorb and consume, the more frizz it gets. The first step is to get and use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo that is packed with glycerin, most shampoos are packed with sulfate which when applied to the hair strips and dehydrates its strand of moisture. Sulfate-free and glycerin packed shampoos will do wonders and magic to your hair, the glycerin penetrates into the hair shafts and hydrates it from the inside out, it also forms a protective layer on each strand, sulfate-free, on the other hand, helps moisturize and leave the hair sleek. That's two for the price of one and the amazing part is that they work like magic. 
  2. Use A Conditioner: Conditioners and shampoos are the balance to healthy hair, both of them in synchrony keeps your hair free from frizzes. Using a conditioner every time you apply shampoo to your hair leaves your hair cuticles hydrated to ensure that the moisture penetrates deep into each of the strands. When applying the conditioner always make sure that you start from mid-length to the ends and avoid the roots, to prevent it from getting greasy.
  3. Don't condition regularly: We know we said you should condition your hair after shampooing, but conditioning your hair daily or shampooing it will cause all the natural and essential oils to get stripped off. Wash your hair with shampoo three to four days and use a conditioner twice a week to replenish your hair and avoid the stripping of essential oils and moisture.
  4. Apply Hair masks weekly: DIY hair hydrating masks at least once a week keeps the hair moisturized, hydrated and soft. Hair masks keep the hair hydrated to prevent the hair cuticles from opening up to absorb moisture. Coconut oil, papaya oil, jojoba oil and the rest, individually or mixed together will give your hair the moisture and hydration needed.
  5. Go for a Silk Pillowcase: If you're using a cotton pillowcase, it's time you did a switch to a silk one. Silk pillowcase helps protect your hair while you sleep and maintains your hair's natural oil. Silk pillowcase also creates less friction and tugs at your hair less than its cotton counterpart.
  6. Change your method of hair drying: Change your hair drying method to 90% air-dry and 10% blow-dry, this allows less damage to your hair strands. Blow-drying your hair disrupts the hair strands from staying straight which causes frizziness. Air-drying totally changes the life of your hair and eliminates all damages to your hair. 
  7. Use a Diffuser: If you must absolutely make use of a blow-dryer to dry your hair. then it is important that you keep it on a low heat setting and keep it at arm's length away from your hair. Next, you have to move the blow-dryer around the hair, avoid staying too long in one section of your hair to prevent overheating. Finally, use a diffuser. This limits the amount of heat that is directed to your hair, it also limits your hair from flying around while it's being blow-dried, this lessens friction, frizz and keeps your hair smooth.
  8. Use a Natural Nourishing Oil: Natural nourishing hair oil keeps your smooth while it fights the frizz away. It also adds shine and sparkle to your hair as well as allow the hair cuticles to be penetrated by the oil to give it moisture, health, and nourishment. Apply it to the strands of your hair and let it work its magic.

   These tips will tame your frizz like magic and in no time. Here's to perfect hair.

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