Hire Freelance Writers

AmazingBeautyHair is seeking remote, part-timeĀ hair & beauty writers to coverĀ hair and beauty news (celeb news/brand news/product launches), features (essays/editorials), and/or service (how-tos/experiments).

WhenĀ AmazingBeauty drops a new product, are you the first to freak out? Please apply.

Obsessed with celebrity hair transformations? We want you.

Always excited about next seasonā€™s must-have hairstyle?Hit us up.

Candidates should have a unique voice, innovative ideas, and at leastĀ one years of editorial experience, ideally within theĀ Hair & Beauty sphere (personal blogs count!).

We need articles like these topics:

  • 10 Celebrities Wearing Hair Extensions
  • How To Choose The Right Clip In Hair Extensions?
  • How To Install Clip In Hair Extensions?
  • Does Hair Extension Damage Your Hair?
  • 3 Ways To Put A Ponytail With Hair Extension
  • 5Ā Steps To Blend Clip In Hair Extensions With Curly Hair?
  • How To Wash Clip In Hair Extensions?
  • X Ways You Want To Know To Add Your Hair Volume
  • X Perfect Wedding Hairstyle With Hair Extensions In 2019

We need 1000-2000 words per article and We pay $50-$100 to your paypal per article depends on article quality.

Requirements ā€¢

  • A passion forĀ hair, hairstyle or beauty
  • A strong voice and innovative ideas
  • 1+ years writing experience (personal blogs count!)Ā 

Please send email to manager@amazingbeautyhair.com if you are interested.