What Type of Hair Extensions are The Least Damaging?

When you’re looking for the right hair extensions for you, you’re probably mostly focused on getting the right style, color, or length. However, you should also keep in mind what kind of damage certain styles might do to your natural locks.

Halo Hair Extensions

The overall least damaging type of extension is definitely the halo extensions style. This type of extension uses a single hair weft on a thin nylon thread. The weft sits just below your top layer of hair and is easily hidden. Unlike other types of extension, the halo style doesn’t actually connect to your own, instead merely sitting atop your head like a headband. What this means is that it is virtually impossible to damage the hair even with daily use. And removal is easier than ever because you simply slip off the ring of hair and voila!Back to the natural you!


The runner up for the least damaging type of extension would be the tape-in variety. While it sounds damaging, the tape used to bond the wefts to your hair is actually quite gentle and won’t pull out your natural hair when you remove them. Additionally, they are thin and lightweight, so they won’t pull on your hair throughout the day. These are ideal for thin hair, or women looking to protect their tresses.