How Do You Dry Hair Extensions Quickly?

Drying hair is always a source of frustration; a blow-dry means the risk of heat damage, but you can style as you go. Air drying means that you won’t be susceptible to damage, but you’ll likely have to use heat to style your hair once it’s dry anyway, so you may not have saved your hair from damage at all. However, there are a few things you can try when it comes to drying your new hair extensions.

Dry Hair Dryer

  • Don’t brush. Don’t even comb yet. If you have washed your hair extensions while they are installed, brushing or combing them while wet could cause their connection to your hair to weaken and they may start to sag and slip. Instead, simply squeeze excess water out with a towel. Don’t rub or pull!
  • Begin with moisture. Before you start to dry your extensions, take necessary precautions to ensure that you won’t be losing a ton of moisture. Like your real hair, extensions can go dry and brittle if they aren’t hydrated properly. Use a good leave-in treatment after washing your extensions and before you begin drying or using any heat.
  • Heat protection. If you’re going to be blow-drying your hair, make sure to get a good heat protection spray. This will protect the cuticles from damage and will ensure that your blow-dry leaves your extensions smooth and sleek.
  • Start at the roots. When you begin to blow dry, focus the hot air at the roots. Drying this part will ensure that the extension installation will remain firm before you start styling. If you are washing and drying your extensions while they are notinstalled, you can skip this part and go to the next.
  • Comb out any tangles. Once your roots are dry, it’s safer to comb out the extensions since it won’t be as likely to pull away from your head.
  • Blow-dry the remainder of your hair. Make sure to use a medium heat. Anything less will take far too long, and high heat won’t speed things up either but willbe more damaging.