What Is The Difference Between Clip-in Extensions and Halo Hair Extensions? Which One is Better for Me?

Clip-in hair extensions and halo extensions are both an easy-to-use, temporary hair solution. Clip-ins are placed using very thin and gentle clips. They are simple to use and will stay in place all day long without becoming uncomfortable, due to the silicone lining on the clip. They only take about 5 minutes to install and can be removed each evening.

Video for how to apply halo hair extensions:



Video for how to apply clip in extensions:


Like clip-ins, halo extensions are easy to place and oh-so-comfortable. However, unlike clip-ins, which come with a few pieces to layer throughout the hair, the halo extension is one single weft tied to a thin, nearly invisible nylon string that goes around your head, yes, like a halo. They are gentle and won’t tug at your hair since they aren’t actually connected to your strands; they are amazing for fragile or damaged hair.

So which one is better for you? It depends on what you’re looking for! Because clip-ins come with several pieces, they are easier to layer, style, and blend, so they’re great for adding in new colors or styling into updos. The clips can be damaging to very thin, fine, or weak hair if used too often. The halo extensions are much gentler, but since they are limited to one piece, they’re not as easy to style or blend. If you’re looking for simple length and volume to leave your hair down, a halo option might be best.  


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