What Are The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

For women with thin hair, there’s a never-ending battle to find volume and encourage hair to grow longer, but it’s a constant challenge. Luckily, natural hair extensions are an easy way to get the most out of your natural locks while getting the oomph you deserve. Here are the best extensions for thin or fine hair:

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great option for thin hair. The tape used us bonded to the natural hair – but don’t worry! It’s thin, lightweight, and won’t pull out any precious strands upon removal. In fact, tape-ins make getting length and volume even easier by providing the option for double- or single-weft extensions. This means that you can choose to bond the extensions to the hair with a weft on top andunderneath your natural hair, or you can choose to seal up the tape with another single-sided piece of tape. This means that you get to choose the volume and weight that your natural hair can handle!


Halo hair extensions are another great option for thin-haired ladies. The halo is a single weft of hair connected to a thin string or thread that is almost invisible. It sits just below a thin layer of your own hair to hide the string. This type is great for thin hair because there is no damage done to your natural locks; the weft is not connected to your hair in any way, so the removal won’t rip out any of your own strands of hair.



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