What Are The Safest Hair Extensions to Use?

If you’re looking for the safest hair extensions, rest assured that all of our hair extensions are safe and easy to use, ready to bring you the best style your hair has ever seen. However, if you’re looking for the safest extensions that won’t negatively impact your hair, there are three main styles to check out:

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  • Clip-in extensions – by far the easiest way to get luscious locks. The clips we use are extremely gentle and won’t tug at your hair during the day. Instead, they are incredibly comfortable and easy to use. And because you can take them off each evening and put them back in the morning, they won’t be subjected to tangling during the night!
  • Tape-in extensions – an excellent choice for thin-haired gals, the tape-in extension is another easy way to get length and volume. Even less damaging than the clip-in styles, our tape-ins use gentle adhesive tape to bond to sections of your natural hair to provide that little boost your hair needs. They are easy to remove and won’t cause harm to your scalp. They’re incredibly light and thin, so they’re easy to style; no more accidentally tugging at them when you’re curling or straightening!
  • Halo hair extensions – the safest type of hair extension for most types of hair. This type doesn’t attach to your hair, so there’s absolutely no chance of it pulling or snagging your hair. Simply slip it on over the crown of your head and camouflage with your natural hair. The application can take a bit of practice to get used to, but you can rest assured that your hair will be safe and secure under this halo.
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