How Do You Keep Human Hair Extensions In Good Condition?

All of our hair extensions are made from the finest human hair, which means that they’ll last sometimes longer than a year if taken care of properly. But how do you make sure the hair stays in great condition for as long as possible? Here are a few tips:

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  • Use your stylist. While many of our clip-in extensions and halo hair extensions are ready to wear and easy to install, going to your stylist for more in-depth installations for I-tips or micro rings is a great first step to keep your extensions in good shape. The stylist will be able to put them in gently and easily without tugging the extension or weakening the weft.
  • Clean gently. Our extensions are made from natural human hair, which means they are susceptible to the same types of damage your own hair is. When you wash your hair, try to do so only once or twice a week. This will train your scalp to not produce as much oil and will keep your extensions soft and sturdy. Additionally, use a gentle or sulfate-free shampoo to reduce buildup that can make your extensions look dull.
  • Condition. Use a light conditioner in the shower if you have thick hair. If you don’t, a leave-in treatment may be better; it won’t weigh down finer locks and will keep your extensions bouncy.
  • Style softly. While it’s true that our hair extensions are made to withstand coloring and styling, just like your hair the extensions will stay in better condition if you don’t over-do it, especially with the heat. If you do use a heat tool to style, invest in a good heat protector spray.
  • Store properly. If you don’t wear your extensions daily, make sure they are stored correctly when not in use. They should be dry, brushed, and laid flat in a storage box that will stay in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.