How Do I Care for My Hair Extensions?

All of our hair extensions are 100% human remy hair which means that the cuticles are still intact and the hair all ones in one direction, which prevents tangling and looks smoother.  This means that your ABH hair extensions can be styled and washed just like your natural hair.  However, just like your natural hair the more you style your hair the more you will damage it.  Heating tools are particularly damaging for all hair so try and keep the use of heating tools to a minimum and always use a heat protector.  Use products that are alcohol and sulfate free and super moisturizing.  By investing in high quality products you will really get better wear from your new hair.

Hair Image

Don’t brush your extensions when they are wet as they are more prone to breakage, try and wait until they are at least 90% dry and brush them gently starting from the bottom using a wide toothed comb, soft bristle brush or loop extension brush.  If you have clip-ins or the halo hair extensions then always remove them before bed or they will get damaged and the clips will damage your own hair.  For permanent extensions clip your hair back or braid it before bed to prevent tangling.  Basically, just remember that the better care you take of your extensions the longer that they will last.

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