How Do I Prevent My Hair Extensions from Shedding?

You’ve most likely come across hair shedding several times in your life. If you think you haven’t, just go check your hairbrush for the evidence!Brush Hair Photo

Like your natural hair, hair extensions can experience shedding. Shedding occurs when individual strands of hair are pulled out of the weft or away from the clip, tape, or other methods of installation. Unless your extensions are sewn in tightly to the weft, you will experience shedding. And because your extensions are made from human hair, this is normal! But there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of shedding.

  • Wash gently. Just like your own hair, if you are rough with your extensions, you’ll see more strands shedding. Start treating your extensions gently in the way that you wash. Don’t pull, tug, or twist hair while you’re washing it, and never use a regular brush while it’s wet.
  • Try a new wash method. Along with just being more gentle, experiment with different types of shampooing. Sulfate-free shampoos are much more gentle on the hair and won’t leave a sticky residue. Alternatively, many extensions-wearers do the “co-wash” method, where you only use conditioner to clean your hair.
  • Seal the weft. You may be able to seal the weft and add reinforcement to them. Special glues can be used to do this.
  • Tie it up at night. With all the tossing and turning we do at night, our hair experiences a lot of damage while we sleep. Combat this by putting your hair into a braid or bun at night to reduce friction and frizzing.