Nano Ring Hair Extensions 100% Virgin Human Hair 18 Inch

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Natural Color
Clearance Nano Ring Hair Extension!!!
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    1. Type: Nano ring hair extensions
    2. Length: 18 Inch
    3. Style: Silky Straight
    4. Color: Natural color
    5. Quality: Top-quality 100% VIRGIN human hair
                   Double drawn hair extensions
    6. Package: 100 strands per pack, 0.75g per strand
    7. Can be styled and dyed like your own hair
    8. Can last more than 12 months with proper maintain
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    1. 1) To install nano beads, we will be working from the bottom layer of your hair (near the nape of the neck) to the top layer (the crown of your head). Section off the bottom layer of your hair with the stick end of your comb and clip up the rest of your hair out of the way.

    2. 2) Load your bead application tool. If you have a hook, simply thread the bead over the hook so that the bead is resting on the stick. You can load on extra beads to use for the next extensions.

    3. 3) Use the tail of your comb to section off a small amount of hair to which you will be attaching the first extension. Using your bead application tool, hook the hair and pull the first bead up over the hook hair so that the hair is threaded through the bead.

    4. 4) Take a nano-tip extension. Insert the wire into the bead (if the wire is in a loop, you may need to flatten it first so that it will fit).

    5. 5) Move the bead and the extension as close to the root as possible without pulling the hair. Using your pliers, crimp the bead so that it securely holds the extension in place.

    6. 6) Repeat until you have reached the desired coverage.