Tape In Hair Extension T #4/#18 Medium Brown Ombre Dirty Blonde

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  • Material:100% curticle remy human hair
  • length: 18inch-20inch
  • Color:  T #4/#18
  • Tape Size:0.8cm x 4cm( 0.31 inch x 1.57inch)
  • Style:straight hair
  • Weight:2.5gram/piece,20pcs/bag,50gram/bag
  • Package:20pcs per bag in a beautiful designed boxes
  • About the quantity
  • If you have short hair , want long hair &volume effect, buy 3 sets please (60 pieces ); 
  • If you have long hair,but thinner,want volume effect, buy 2 sets please (40 pieces) ; 
  • If you want highlight effect,or want more volume effect, buy 1 set please (20 pieces).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the tapes single sided or double sided?
    Our tapes are made to be sandwiched together, making them double. They can be used as single if you use single sided tape.
  • Are these reusable with new tape?
    Yes, the tapes are reusable with re-tab tape when you are in need of a move up.
  • Is the hair human?
    Remy hair is of the highest quality of hair available on the market. It is considered the highest grade quality of human hair because the steps required to collect and process the hair is done with such care. Specifically, the hair is hand picked and individually arranged in the same direction of growing hair - meaning, the cuticles run downwards in order to prevent tangling. The tedious and gentle process used by Remy standards to collect and arrange hair ensures that hair remains soft, silky, and natural. Please be advised that our Tape Extensions are 100% Virgin Hair, double drawn line of which means the hair is thick from root to tip. 
  • How long time can i use it?
    With good care and if you use our hair products from the very beginning the hair itself can last up to 6 months
  • How long the lifespan of the tape?
    These are semi permanent extensions so they typically last anywhere from 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance. You are able to reuse the tape hair as well, they can be reinstalled about 2-3 times after your first installation with double sided tape.
  • Do i have to remove them every-time i wash the hair?
    Nope! Definitely not! You leave them installed until you feel they need to be removed!
  • Do these come with the tape or do i need to buy more tape to put them in?

    our tape in comes with the tapes already on them ready to be installed.

  • How to care the hair pieces ?
    Because our hair is 100% human hair and the cuticle is intact the care process is pretty painless. To get the maximum use out of the hair we generally recommend you wash your hair twice a week and try not to use products that have a high amount of additives and wax in them. Moroccoil and Amika are the top two brands of products that work really well with our hair! Definitely stay away from heavy oils, a light oil is the best kind to use! Again, the best oil is going to be a Moroccoil or Amika oil. You can use heat and everything as normal. 
  • Can these be dyed/bleached, I'm not sure which matches my hair color to be exact.
    Please be advised that the extensions can be colored but at your own risk as the hair has already been processed and coloring it may or may not damage the hair. If you are wanting to color your extensions always test the dye on a smaller weft (a 1.5" piece) before coloring the whole set, since different types of hair dyes contain different chemicals and we cannot be sure how the chemicals/heat from the dye may react with the hair.  Bleaching hair extensions that have already been processed is extremely harmful for the hair. Therefore, we never recommend bleaching the hair. Having said that, you must dye your hair at your own risk, as there are many factors which can alter the results: temperature, duration, method, etc.
  • How long is shipping?

    To USA/Canada it normally takes 3-5 business days,Europe 3-7 Business Days.

  • How many package do you recommend?
    You need 2-3 packets of tape hair if you want hair-thickening, 4-6 packets for full head hair extension and 6-10 packets if you have – or would like to have – really thick, voluminous hair.