Most Popular Hair Extensions In 2019

April 26, 2019

Most Popular Hair Extensions In 2019

     Good things are hard to come by. I think we need to rephrase that, the best hair extensions are very hard to come by, there, that seems better put.

     Hair extensions come in various types but then we will be laying our focus on just the best for 2019.

     As part of one of the key survival instincts of women, hair extensions play a vital role in their beauty care package and has come to stay forever. The reputation for the hair extensions was that they were expensive pieces of hair accessories that were best left to be flaunted by celebrities. It's all about to change now with these hair extensions (tape-in, weave in, micro-ring and clip-in hair extensions).

     They do not look fake as they are quite identical to your natural hair, that the difference is not widely known. It isn't time-consuming as the process of taking them out and putting them back in is an easy task, not taking less than a couple of minutes and not more than an hour and a half.

     They're quite easy to care for as they can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, scrunched up, curled and braided. Just as you care for your natural hair, you can care for your tape-in hair extensions likewise.

Tape-in Hair extension

     Tape-in hair extensions are your answer when it comes to having more volume, great health, and keeping your natural hair strong and healthy.

     These tape-in hair extensions can be easily done from the comfort of your home.

     Durability is one key feature of this hair extensions, each application can use up to six to nine weeks of wear, and up to a year lifespan for each piece. If you're really keen on reusing your extensions, this is the best option for you.

     Tape-in hair extensions come in two options; single sided tape-in option for finer hair and double sided for wedging your natural hair between each weft. An array of colors and length just makes it sit more on our list of best extensions for 2019.

Clip In Hair Extensions

     For your everyday wear or just for rocking those special occasions, clip-in hair extensions is your choice.

     It doesn't matter if all you want to do is to give your hair some added length or just to add a little bit of thickness, clip-in hair extensions offer the best in synthetic or human hair or even a perfect blend of the two.

     If you're looking for the perfect shade for your extensions, try clip-in hair extensions, it offers shades for every hair color, including Ombre and highlights, it's a super choice for shade matching. Sold in a variety of lengths and boasts of an amazing lifespan and less damage. It doesn't have to undergo frequently washing due to its quality make.

Flip in Hair Extensions

     Flip in hair extensions are non-permanent hair extensions. Very easy to do at home and much more quickly to apply than the clip-in hair extensions, it comes in one big weft which also comes with a loop that you place on the crown area of your head. No need to bother yourself with clips, tapes, or glues. It comes in various length, texture, thickness, and volume.

Sew In or Weave On Hair Extensions

     Weave on or sew in hair extensions as the name implies is applied by sewing into or weaving on the natural hair. It has been a very popular trend for years in the hairstyling industry.

     They are wefts that are cut to your desired request before it is sewn into the hair. It is quite versatile and works on all different hair types. It doesn't need to be applied by heat or glue, all it needs is a needle and thread. No wonder it's a choice for 2019.

Micro-ring Loop Hair Extensions

     Micro-ring loop hair extensions are applied strand by strand, but it is fitted with a loop that makes the process faster and easier to fix. It allows you to control the density and volume if your hair by letting you decide how many strands of hair extensions you want to put on your hair. The micro-rings are camouflaged to make them less visible to near invisibility. It also adds a natural flow movement with the loops as there are no wefts to immobile the star

     It comes with various shades of color to choose from and is a great alternative to dyeing your hair. A notable and worthy contestant of 2019.

     2019 should be filled with quality, affordable, unique varieties of hair extensions for you to try out, that's why we selected the very best for you because you deserve the very best. Know your hair type, get your hair stylist and style to your hair's satisfaction. Rock all styles (clip-in, micro-ring, flip in, and tape-in) in style this year.