Which type of hair extensions do you think is least noticeable?

The most natural one should be fusion hair extensions.I'm a big believer in fusions of course as long as they are taken care of correctly and applied correctly and removed correctly. But fusions can be cut, the bond themselves can be cut so small and placed so individually. You can really really control where you put them and how big the actual bond is. And you can even cut them in half so that the actual fusions themselves are very very fine and the good thing about this is you will not be able to notice them. You would have to get very very close to see the bonds themselves. So fusions are definitely one of the best methods.

 most natural hair extensions

You can get them done and they can be big and chunky as well but if you ask your extension technician to cut them for you in half and place them strategically you'll never see them.

Tape extensions where when you put them in right away they are nice and flat and they are great but as soon as they start to grow out, you can see them.

The beads sometimes as well, when you put those in fresh they are beautiful but as they grow out sometimes if your hair is very thin you can see the little bead. But the fusion, the bond is clear even as they grow out and because they are so small you will not be able to see them. But really fusions are the best methods of extensions to wear if you don't want them to be noticed.